Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Reducing the Stash

Three wall quilts, attic window style, that I made about five years ago and offered, with a few others, for sale at a members' boutique at the Empire Guild show back then. A couple sold but these did not -- I only asked $75 which seemed quite reasonable. But people were looking for small souvenirs in the $10 and $15 range. So they have been stowed away. They are truly meant to be wall quilts but could work as lap quilts especially for the wheelchair bound, or could be covers for card tables or other small tables.

These are being given to a silent auction to benefit Sturgis High School, the charter high school where my daughter works and from which all three of her children graduated. I am glad the quilts will find new homes. They are "homey" enough to be quite decorative in many sorts of decor so I hope they will bring in a nice little donation for the school which was named one of the 50 best high schools in the US last spring in an annual survey by Newsweek Magazine.

I just read that in Utah a bill has been introduced to the state legislature, as a cost cutting measure, that senior year of high school be eliminated. The argument is that little new is taught in senior year, it is a time for goofing off by most students, etc. When I mentioned this idea to my daughter she said, "Not at Sturgis." There senior year is a busy time of serious preparation for college -- because it is a goal of the school that every student will be accept at a college if s/he applies. And the majority do apply and are accepted. It's a very worthy cause to which to donate my quilts.

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Kass said...

You have to realize that this proposal (eliminating Sr. year) was made by Chris Buttars, a racist dummy who is famous for being stupid.