Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March Journal Quilt

"In March only the Shell Tree is blooming" -- that is the title of this journal quilt continuing my theme of trees and birds - mainly trees. The shell tree is a photo transfer, fussy cut and then fused to the background of sky and sandy grass. The second photo transfer is the egret and four ducks, which are returning again. The sky has partly been magnificent [most of this week so far] but last week it was mostly a depressing gray from which a mix of rain and snow fell. Typical changeable March weather. I prefer the blue so that's what I've shown. You'll notice that four little shells have been added, two on the tree and two in the sand.

I made this quilt before I went back to the beach where the Shell Tree is. I walked there last Saturday morning and was very much saddened -- read my Big 7-0 Blog to see what that's all about. [click on 'profile' to the right, go to bottom of screen and click Big 7-0 Blog] I can't bear to go over that story again.

Today is a bright blue sky day, it's nippy but spring is promising and I look forward to doing leaves or blossoms or both for the April journal quilt.


Evelyn said...

I'm sorry about that tree! I hope some local artist is inspired to make a bigger, better (non-flammable!) version, so that it can continue to be enjoyed by everyone who loved the original.

Kass said... least you have your quilt paying homage to that beach tree. It's lovely.

Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

Once again, amazing. That is a great journal quilt for March June, I just love it.