Monday, March 08, 2010

Quilt Mania magazine

Perhaps I shouldn't admit it, but I love to go into bookstores, Borders or Barnes and Noble, have coffee and something to munch and read magazines I don't intend to buy. Today it was "Quilt Mania" the magazine from Europe [France, I think] that always has wonderful photography of the quilts which often are clever new takes on old American standards. They do quite original things as well, but I especially enjoy their unexpected takes on American classic block patterns. It's a beautiful magazine and easily consumes an hour spent sipping good coffee and eating calories I don't need.

I truly believe in supporting publications that deserve support -- but at $12.00 for a magazine, I just can't do it. So I look and memorize and enjoy. The Europeans have a wonderful eye and I'd really love to someday go to one of the larger quilt shows they have. It's wonderful seeing a fresh approach.

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