Sunday, March 21, 2010

Baby On the Way

I'm hopelessly in love with word play and couldn't resist photographing this baby bib. 'nuf said.

The shower for Cori was by all standards a fine success. She received everything she might need and was a very happy wrapping paper ripper, as can be seen below. I am astonished at the "things" invented for new mothers in the last few years and very delighted especially at the very cute little shoes now available.
There was a large crowd in a much decorated room, ages from a few weeks to my august age ['nuf said about that subject] Food was good, conversation good, sufficient hands available for an efficient clean up operation when it was over -- an important consideration. And now the count-down begins in earnest for the actual appearance of the child who at the moment may be either of two well liked names. Sometimes I wonder if the MDs ever make mistakes when telling parents about the sex of the child. This technology did not exist when my daughters were born. I was certain the second would be a boy, i.e., Alan or Michae. When it was clear she was neither, I had no name ready and had to delay the hospital's paperwork for a couple of days until a decision was made.

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