Saturday, November 28, 2009

Another Lap Quilt Finished

This quilt, called "Rose Bouquets" was an impulse and an experiment. I found the fabric with roses and other flowers on a brownish maroon background as a sizable remnant. It has a lovely feel, either a very good quilting cotton or maybe a dress fabric with some polyester in it. It is somewhat silky, not sleezy. I enjoyed working with it.

Sometimes when I found something that just catches my eye I want to use it NOW. In this case I had seen an article somewhere about a kind of "stack and whack" with four 90 degree triangles put together as these are here. How simply can that be! And how interesting would it be with these roses? My color-pattern "eye" is not that of a well trained artist. I keep learning but I think I will never have a true artist's ability to predict how colors will work. In this case the contrasts within the fabric now seem not to have been strong enough for a zinger of visual impact when rearranged. That was a disappointment. Not that I find it ugly, just less interesting than I'd hoped.

I dug through my stash wondering what to use as stripping and, obviously, decided upon this strip, which has a feel very similar to the other fabric, It's a strong contract, and I'd call it okay but something else might have been better but I didn't have that something else and wasn't going to go shopping for it. So here is the finished quilt. Graded maybe C+, okay. I know someone I will give it to at Christmas time, thus the impulse has taught me a bit and, I think, will be welcomed by the giftee.

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Evelyn said...

Great job on another finish! It's lovely and I'm sure it will be much cherished. :-)