Wednesday, November 18, 2009

On my design wall

This doesn't lookd very interesting at this point. It's a my shirting strip cum buttons quilt redux. Below is that quilt in a good picture taken by Cindy Russell of the Empire Quilters Guilt at the time of my show and tell-ing about it. I gave it away and then it got given away one more step and I understand it's owner loves it.

I have to make those largish squares all the same size and, of course make more. I have some other strips -- these aren't all shirtings but the idea is the same. Something else to dream of finishing ... in the fullness of time, of course.


Nellie's Needles said...

It looks interesting to me. Who wouldn't like the one that's finished? I like the unexpected combination of elements.

Kass said...

Your quilts are so unique and this one is no exception. Shirting strips? How long did this take you to cut all the buttons off and pull the little threads out? I'm already daunted about my quilt plans, but THANK YOU so much for the suggestions. Now I'm even more excited about possibilites I hadn't even thought of.