Friday, November 27, 2009

About feasting, briefly

Upon moving out of NYC I was afraid I'd never have really good bread again. Not so -- we had two of the most beautiful breads I've ever seen and really shouldn't have eaten yesterday at the beginning of dinner to accompany the cheddar-broccoli soup which was my contribution to the day's goodies. The white bread was from Paneras [a chain]; I am not sure if the multigrain was also theirs or from elsewhere. I must say I regularly have excellent breads here and even quite good bagels.

To put last things first here is, for this dessert lover the piece de resistance, Alison's pumpkin-peacan cheesecake. Even the picture says calorie overload, and I loved every calorie of my piece.

There was a plentitude of veggies, roasted as well as mashed potatoes. We did not go the yam casserole route, nor even the cliche green bean casserole. The stuffing was wonderful -- I LOVE tasty carbs of all sorts. I grabbed this photo of the turkey after the doneness test of twisting a leg had been successfully carried out -- ruins the perfection of shape but bespoke perfection of taste -- seconds before the carving knife struck.
It was perfectly chosen for the size of our group, which included only one vegetarian. Only enough was left for a pot of turkey soup which I imagine is simmering away at this very moment. And so ends another holiday -- and I didn't even mention the warm apple crisp with vanilla ice cream ... THAT I should not have eaten. But I did and I still feel full 18 hours later.

It's raining very seriously today so I can't go walk off any of the poundage and, for sure, I'm staying out of the craziness at the maul -- er, I mean mall. It's a great day for some happy quilting.

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