Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cloudy Days

Last week was mostly beautiful, sunny days, a last gasp, perhaps, of autumn before winter breathes it's chilly breath down our coat collars. I was told about a woman called Beckra who publishes a blog called (y) -- I give you this address instead of just a link, because I have bad luck publishing links. I sent her some sky photos and she sent me the following wonderful haiko by Basho (translated by B.L. Einband) which is worth memorizing:

Clouds now and again
give a soul some respite from
moon-gazing -- behold.


Kass said...

I like this photo. What sort of bird is that?

Kass said...

The email address is:
Readers may click here:
(y)our sky

June Calender said...

The bird is a black fish eagle -- the sky was actually in Namibia last February.