Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mad Dogs and an Englishwoman, Polly Adams

My idea of a fun read is an intelligently written book by an intrepid woman adventuring someplace that sounds fascination but is, for one reason or another, better experienced vicariously than in reality. That exactly explains Polly Adams' Mad Dogs and an Englishwoman. She went to the Yukon in January! And spent two months at a sled dog owner's establishing -- except when she was following the Yukon Quest race or going off on side jaunts -- like driving along over the frozen Berring Sea to an Inuit village.

Her writing is so full of enthusiasm for the dogs, in particular, and the place with it's gold rush history and hearty, friendly people that I almost wanted to do the trip -- except for all those times when it was about -40 degrees -- some of those times were nights spent in tents. I have always admired and envied the intrepid Englishwomen [mostly they ARE English] who write of adventuring for the sake of it. It seems Polly Adams has done somewhat similar books about traveling in Argentina, Portugal, New Zealand, China and others. This was my first acquaintance with her, I doubt it will be the last. I learned history I did not know and fell in love with the dogs that she so obviously loved. I almost understand the tourists who showed up in that dark and frigid part of the world at that time of year.

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