Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fabric Postcards

I like to have a supply of fabric postcards on hand. Last winter I made a bunch using selvages and putting a picture cut from a fabric in the middle. I liked them, I like using selvages. And I've nearly used up the 40 or so I made at that time. SO -- it was time to make more. Here are two dozen of the 30 I finished today -- they've been the project of the week, not just today.

If you click to enlarge you'll see the photos were actually taken before I finished them. They had been made and backed and ironed [I used spray starch on the front], but they had not had their ends closed -- I used the "pillowcase" backing method. I thought that was where I'd stop today so I took the pictures. But then I had a spell of ambition so I actually finished them except for writing POST CARD on the back, which seems to be necessary to convince the geniuses who work in the P.O. that these ARE post cards.

I've recently received a couple of fabric postcards with a neat stamp on the back that is like the old fashioned postcard message on the once-upon-a-time penny post cards. I might mention that one amazing correspondent sent me a two cent postcard recently -- with the other 40 cents added. She must have found it at a flea market. I DO remember both the penny and two cent postcard. Sometimes I think I have a century's worth of memories stored in that pound or two of gray matter.

I think I'll venture into that very dangerous [to the pocketbook] store downtown that sells all kinds of scrapbooking supplies including many stamps, and see if they have the stamp. I'll try to put blinders on so I don't get too distracted by the beautiful papers and other supplies there. I do not need a new craft so I stay out of that store as well as out of the very neat bead store that's also on the main street. It's always been hard to be a Gemini, I am so distractable and want to try so many things. Time just doesn't allow it. Alas!


Marie aka Grams aka Gramarme said...

These are wonderful, and what a great idea. Thank you.

Kass said...

So, it's through Marie that I found you! If you ever come to Salt Lake, the three of us should get together.
I love these postcards. I wish I knew what the "pillowcase" backing method is, but I suppose I can google it.

Thanks for you kind comment on my 'Mom' post.