Monday, September 29, 2008


I've realized I must make a choice. I have eight of each set of diamonds: dark blue and deep orange, and green with orange/yellow. The inner set is only 8 but the next row around is 16 -- so which will it be? What arrangement will I use? No design wall and crappy light for photos. But here are the choices.

I think it will be the above with the final row of half-diamonds in a tourquoise-y color. That's how I'm leaning at the moment. Originally I thought it would be exciting to start with a firey center and cooler colors on out toward the edge. That still kind of appeals to me. I'm going to think about this for a couple of days.
The picture that inspired me really used only two color sets, very dark and very light. I liked it but I have a somewhat contrary need to do something different. Lots of people don't like orange and don't collect fabrics in that range. For a long time I didn't like orange or yellow very much but in the last few years I've become fond of both and I really like the contrast with both blue and green. If any readers have thoughts I'd love to hear them. However, as the "fine print" usually says, all rights are reserved [by me] to make my own decision even if it is contrary to every one else's and even if it's the dumbest possible.

I'm trying to keep in mind that there is yet one more color to piece and then the matter of border[s] -- that could make a big difference in the eventual overall appearance. Ah ... choices, choices. Well, one thing at a time.


Evelyn said...

I vote for the first one too. I like the alternating cool/warm/cool/warm/cool, and I like the green at the center better than the blue. So there's one vote. :-)

Stephanie D. said...

I'm liking the bottom photo the best.

But as you say, choices, choices...

Selvage Quilter said...

What a beautiful quilt. Thanks for sharing the "in-progress" photos. It's fun to witness the creative process.
June, your selvage quilt is on the selvage blog today. It looks wonderful and is sure to inspire quilters. You do such great work.

Martha said...

The bottom photo was riveting. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. Ending with a row of turqoise would be just beautiful. How about black in the borders?