Friday, September 05, 2008

Beautiful Windows

Some years ago Rachel and Patrick bought a fixer-upper house in Hyannis and they've been working steadily on the fixing part ever since. It's showing many signs of both time and effort and their artistic talents. They have done wonders with a neglected lawn with patience, they have added Patrick's studio -- he is a glass artisan -- and they've made lovely spots in the house with artifacts from the area and with Patrick's work, both in mosaic, in the kitchen, with mirrors and Klimpt-ish work in stained glass and in these two beautiful windows.

Patrick has a wonderful portfolio of his work on his website which I think you can click and go to, but in case I'm my usually inept self here is the name as well, and I'm adding it in the right column [if not today, tomorrow]. It was impossible to get a picture of the above window with having the sun shining in only one part because of the trees outside. Who wouldn't like such a window in her home?

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