Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Reversible Quilt fnished!

The reversilbe, selvage quilt is finally finished! I estimated two more hours -- make that nearly three But it's done! And I like it. If I didn't have three, make that four, UFOs "in progress" -- make that 'waiting in their plastic bags -- I would immediately begin another.
The next one will, I think, be a log cabin arrangement of the selvages and probably red on the back as I have a couple of pieces of red I'm nuts about and want to use in the near future. But as things are going, I REALLY want to get on with two of the UFOs in particular possibly for the spring show of the Empire Guild. [And entre nous, I have another idea in mind but haven't even started.]

Anyway, this is done -- okay, so I still have to write on the label, but it's sewn in place and writing will take only a couple of minutes. The name of the quilt, by the way is "Thanks to Karen and Sharon" which refers to Karen Griska who wrote the book about selvages quilting and Sharon Pederson who wrote a book about double sided quilts with the kind of stripping between squares you see here. I followed Sharon's directions, not quite as precisely as I should have, but next time I will. This is a "test case".
I'm all set for the next selvage quilt because some wonderful people I do not know personally have sent me envelopes of selvages. I am itching to use them but as I said, I do have some discipline and will finish at least two UFOs and probably two or three charity quilts which I want to contribute to the guild's charity project before Christmas because they go to very needy, usually homeless children living in shelters.


Evelyn said...

Yay, it's SO beautiful! Congratulations on completing such an amazing project.

magikquilter said...

Good on you for finishing it and especially for learning a new technique. It looks stunning....I especially love the sashing.

Victoria said...

Wow! way to save stuff! the salvages look great! who'd of thought! well done!

Selvage Quilter said...

Oh, June! What a beautiful selvage quilt! You did a great job. Bring it to the guild for Show-n-Tell.