Thursday, September 25, 2008

Paper Piecing Again - 900 pieces

This star is going to take a long time yet -- it was put aside for a couple of months. But I'm back to it and remembering how much I enjoy paper piecing. The diamonds are not sewn together, only pinned. The current arrangement may not be the final one, I have several choices at this early stage. You can see the original that inspired me and if you click the photo, you can see that it says "900 piece quilt" And so it will be in the fullness of time. At some later point I'll put it together in a couple of different ways and perhaps solicit opinions.

Plato said, "Know thyself." I have been trying, with limited success most of my life. As I returned to paper piecing this afternoon I wondered why does someone like "Moi" who really doesn't like fussy quilts so much enjoy these paper piecesd ones -- this and all the Carol Doak stars I've done and ones I hope yet to do [I have her latest set of Mariner's stars]? I had no startling insights except that, as the much fussier quilters know, there's a wonderful sense of accomplishment when the points are crisp and the seams meet as they should. On this one I can use a great variety of fabrics, at this point I've used 34 different ones and will use at least another ten or twelve

So now I've shown a picture of what I'm doing and said it will take a long time yet, so this won't reappear for quite some time but I will be working on it. And may work on another concurrently. Being a Gemini it is impossible to be truly single minded, which is why I'm usually reading three to five books at any one time. This habit of juggling many balls in the air at one time may be why I can barely remember being bored except for brief periods when my work my be boring for a day or two.

P.S. I really don't believe in astrology. But I think something happens when we are fairly young and read that we are a certain type, as I did about being a Gemini. It sounded pretty good and so I chose to believe it and live up to it. Don't most of us pick up those definitions of ourselves from whatever source ["just like her father."]? I tried to explain once that it in the Tibetan system or reincarnation, it doesn't matter whether outsiders believe in reincarnated teachers and high lamas, they are told that from early childhood and that's what they are. So the Dalai Lama IS the Dalai Lama. And I am a Gemini. What are you? And who told you so?

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Evelyn said...

I learned a valuable lesson this afternoon - always copy your comment text before you click on "publish", because if blogger is down, your carefully written comment might be lost in the ether... (grrrr....)

I'm very impressed by that WIP. I doubt I'll ever attempt anything that complex. My husband often makes fun of my weirdness this way - I'm very detail-oriented, and very willing to do labor-intensive projects, but I just can't do something that intricate. I'm all about the simpler projects, but still done precisely, and usually in batches of a dozen. I'm weird!

By the way, are you looking for any fabrics in particular to add to your project? Let me know and I can look through my stash. I've got lots of solid/tonal stuff...

As far as "who told you what you are" goes... That's such an interesting topic! My dad coached me to say, whenever someone asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, "a mathematician!". He was a career army officer, so it's not like he wanted me to follow in his footsteps or something! I think maybe he just thought it was good for a laugh. I did have a knack for science and math, and ended up in a technical field, but I wish I'd thought about it more... I'm looking forward to doing more to help my daughter discover herself more fully. I hope I can get her to follow the things she loves, not just what's easy for her.