Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Blogs to Enjoy

Surfing blogs where I "lurk" [that is usually read but seldom if ever leave comments] because I'm feeling a bit lazy for the couple of hours I have before I go out this evening. I read the blog in the side bar called American Living in Japan -- a comment on the good ole boys of Wall Street scratching each other's backs as they bail one another out. I like his note that an expenditure larger than the annual budgets of some countries as just happened with absolutely no Congressional oversight. Think about that! Read it and lurk too.

On a cheerier side is the wonderful blog by the American Monk in Mongolia who is actually in Maryland USA at the moment, writing about rescued parrots with neat photos.

And for the quilters, go to Helen Conway who is always entertaining and read her last two or three blog posts about focusing. I don't know if she's a Gemini, but as a Gemini myself the only way I can approach anything like focus is to deny myself many things that interest me. No knitting or ATCs, no tai chi or reading genre writing. 'taint easy narrowing the time consuming wanna-dos. Helen has a great quote about focusing. So click, click is my advice for the day.

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