Monday, September 08, 2008

A Walking Quilt

I got into an elevator this afternoon and saw a young woman who lives in this building, but who is very quiet and never speaks, so, with the New York etiquette, I don't speak to her either. She was wearing a skirt that was a gorgeous quilt. Actually had there not been three or four other people in the elevator I would not have been able to remain quiet. It was extremely simple, but the colors were strong and the visual statement strong. I really wanted to come home and make several of the simple blocks which were held together with bold navy stripping. I'm so haunted by it, I think I may have to make at least a crib sized quilt like it -- I won't use navy for a crib quilt! maybe bright blue or turquoise instead. Seeing a pattern that is utterly simple and yet visually so strong is a kind of wake up signal. "Forget about all this complexity. Do the in-your-face stuff." When I get some put together, I'll take a photo and refer back to this post -- I can't draw it and show you since my scanner doesn't agree with the program on this computer. More anon --

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Linda said...

Hi June, I am from swap-bot and you just sent me a delicious package of fabric and embroidery floss for the wishlist. I just finished reading your blog and I do admire your writing style. I find myself very intrigued by the quilt skirt and would love to see pictures of your interpretation of it. I will have to bookmark your blog now and it is so friendly and interesting. Thank you Linda