Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Selvage quilts

The quilter of the month at our final Empire Quilters meeting of the '07-'08 year was Karen Griska who has just published a book with C&T Publications called Quilts from the Selvage. The picture above is Karen with one of her selvage quilts. Below is a closer view of another of her quilts.

Karen is a warm, practical person and gives very clear, easy directions for quilts made from the selvage which is usually cut off and discarded from the fabrics quilters use. I've actually though about making a selvage quilt for a long time -- since I saw one at a Quilt National about six years ago I began saving selvages, when I thought of it, which was not all the time -- and I do not always cut off the selvages either. But seeing her several designs makes me eager to use the selvages I've saved.

Since I'm also eager to make a double sided quilt inspired by another speaker, Sharon Peterson, I am thinking of combining the two inspirations into one quilt. I have a notion that the summer is not going to be long enough for the projects I want to finish and work on. Ah, well ... never bored, certainly.

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Selvage Quilter said...

Hi June,
Thank you for the nice write-up. I'm looking forward to seeing your selvage quilt.