Sunday, June 01, 2008

Anther UFO on the Pile

But first one of the phenomena of the city landscape -- the way the glass towers reflect their neighbors always fascinates me. They change hour by hour. I wish my apartment had a nice view but, alas ... However occasions arise when I can enjoy a view like this -- that's Bryant Park in the low foreground, all in shadow while the buildings around held the sun and the images of others. It was a wonderful blue-sky day one of those "what is so rare as" -- although it was May 30, it might as well have been a day in June.

Here is my first I Spy quilt -- a border fabric was found but a backing one has not surfaced from the stash as yet so it gets added to the UFO pile until such time... For whatever readers aren't quilters, an "I Spy" quilt is usually made up of blocks of novelty fabrics with designs to appeal to children, The idea is that Mama can say to bored kid, "I spy a doggie, can you find a doggie?" Or whatever, of course. It's a teaching tool and a game. Siblings can play, anyone can play. I have enough 6 inch blocks of novelty fabrics to make another but that will wait.

I started a paper pieced wall quilt today from a pattern that said "900 pieces" -- small pieces, a sort of variation on a lone star quilt. I like this kind of challenge and it was fun going to my stash picking out the fabrics. I'll otherwise stay mum on this project for some weeks until it takes more shape but I think I'm going to really enjoy this, more than some of the other projects I've promisd myself I'll finish. Isn't it a sign of being a responsible adult that you eventually finish what you start? Lots of we quilters have difficulty with that concept when there are so many new, exciting patterns to start on.

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