Friday, June 20, 2008

Horses, glass -- scalped

The Museum of Natrual History's big summer exhibit is about horses. I haven't seen it yet but I'll try to go. Meanwhile they entice people with this wonderful mosaic covered horse at the corner of 81st and Columbus. He's quite a beauty. I had to take a picture partly for daughter, Rachel, who has a couple of pieces of mosaic work on exhibit at a First Annual Glass Exhibit in Cotuit, Mass. [on Cape Cod] Patrick, her husband, does "flat" glass, etched and artistic work. He has several pieces well displayed, I'm told. He has some fantastic stuff and you can see it by clicking
here -- I think. I've been having link trouble lately. His work is called Glass Graphics and can be Googled.
I wish I could see the exhibit but I'm not likely to get there.

Anyway, I saw this beauty as I was on the way to have a hair cut at a walk-in salon across the street. My hair grows fast and I don't really like people doing things to me -- I'm not the spa, pampering type, more the do-it-yourself sort except I learned way back in my teens when I had bangs and sometime tried to cut them that self-barbering is generally a disaster.

I got scalped. But it's my own fault. I told the woman "I want it A LOT shorter." She took me at my word [they usually don't] and my hair is now shorter than it's ever been before. It'll be just right in about three weeks so I'm okay with my present boyish [well, if you can call this whole package "boyish" which is quite a leap!] look and it's certainly easy to take care of.

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