Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My "druthers, quilting

So here's how my day goes: I have a free day and I know the building is going to shut down th water for repairs from 9:30 to 4:00, therefore I want to be out of the house some of the middle of the day for the very practical reason that I won't be able to flush the toilet all day. So I think, well, there's a film/talk I am interested in and there's that movie, Mongol that I want to see, not because I like war-like saga, or have an interest in Chengghis Kahn [there are 45 to 10 spellings of his name these days] but because Mongolia is a gorgeous country and so are the Mongolian people.

I spent part of the morning tossing a mental coin, which would I do? But first, clean up accumulation on the desk, and chip away at a long term piecing project [drunkar's path, I need 252 pieces] and then iron the stuff that I washed yesterday. By then it's noon and time to decide on my "fun" afternoon. But I have been contemplating that green quilt in the UFO pile ... I could at least decide and sew on a border and then the backing and then layer on the batting and pin together ... Hmm, I DO need to get a UFO or two out o the pile!

But it's a pleasantly temporate day, although threatening brief storms. And I DO need some exercise. So I decided to compromise. A two mile walk, checking out the abundant flourishing of the community flower garden in Riverside Park, the picture above doesn't being to suggest the exuberance in that garden! then Fairway for some fruit and cheese, then my fav Chinese lunch spot. And home -- and I did get the green quilt ready to quilt, I even thought of a name and decided I have to add animals to it -- it's an abstract picure of farm fields. So I'm giving myself another 6 or 8 hours of work! Fun work! This quilting business is a most peculilar kind of addition, a sort of sweet torture. No picture for some time, certainly. Clearly, given my druthers, both movies and lectures come in second to making an unneeded quilt.

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