Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Info & tomato sandwich

So, no cows and no horses!

Tomatoes first -- these are four kinds marked "exotic heirloom" tomatoes. They are a little better than the usual tasteless things, some are a fair amount better and taste like -- ta-da! -- tomatoes. That is, not like styrofoam. But I must admit it's a bit strange eating a dark skinned tomato, I sort of expect it to taste like a plum.

I said some this and a bit better on my new blog which now has a new name but which hasn't been around long enough nor had enough hits to register on a Google search. The name is now Big 7-0 [ampersand -- which this blog doesn't allow] More. It needs to be reached by clicking on the "complete profile" line opposite and then going to bottom of screen and clicking the new blog. If you like it enough to think you'll come back, you'll save yourself trouble by making it a "favorite" or "bookmark" or whatever your search program calls the one-click function. Anyone who is a afficinando or masochist can go to bottom of the new blog [this one too for that matter] and get new postings as an email. No more salesmanship, it's never been my metier.

1 comment :

Ladydy said...

These tomatoes look like beads in a bowl, so shiney.