Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Old and the New

On the Swap-bot forum for sewers, I mentioned that I've probably sewn a million miles of seams on my trusty sewing machine. I really don't think that's a gross exaggeration. Someone asked what kind of machine so I think this a good opportunity to praise one of the few machines in my life that has been highly trustworthy [as contrasted with most electronics of the past several years] I also have found irons to be dependable and long lasting appliances.

This one is a Riccar, a Japanese brand. It was purchased somewhat over 40 years ago. It is supposed to be portable, has a carrying case, but it weighs at least 30 pounds because it has only a couple of plastic parts -- the stitch length dial and a little thing-y that attaches the lever that lifts the presser foot -- the latter is the only piece that has ever broken. It's had to be cleaned and tuned -- but only a few times.

When that plastic part broke, only 4 or 5 years ago, I assumed I'd never find a replacement. The yellow pages offered up a repairman who was only a few blocks from my house. He said, yes, he was a certified Riccar repairperson! Furthermore he came to my house within hours and picked it up and within the week returned it to me all fixed, oiled and tuned. And he did not charge an exorbitant price! I couldn't have been happier. I've had to replace the foot pedal wire because they got dangerously frayed, otherwise it's been the most dependable of friends and has aided me in hours and hours of happy creation. I've had a couple of good old typewriters but this sewing machine is a real mensch of a friend. [Perhaps I will add a photo of my good old friend tomorrow.]

So what's new? I've started a new blog. Just a couple of posts so far, and those are introductory. You can go to it by clicking here I hope this works. But if it doesn't go to my profile, at the bottom of which it's listed and definitely clickable. I'm saying nothing more about it here. But this blog will continue just as I certainly will continue quilting and will add the non-quilting observations as I've been doing, although it may be less frequent if I find the other calling.

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