Friday, October 26, 2007

Starting or Finishing

The last day or two, and into the weekend, I'll be starting a couple projects and finishing, I hope -- no, I KNOW -- three projects. One is the much written about jacket. I keep adding little beads, and I think maybe I'm crazy because who is going to notice those tiny embellishments against the headlight-like big shiny buttons? Me, that's who. I just wanted to put them there. Now all I need is the actual buttons that will close it and I have them. Sewing them on will take, tops, two minutes. Then -- viola! Done. The other projects are two charity quilts for the Empire Guild, one was finished this morning when I hand sewed the binding and wrote on the label. The other is literally under the sewing machine foot where I left it when I stopped quilting and went in to work. It will be finished tomorrow.

What am I starting? Two quilts, one a relatively simple paper pieced one. The picture is from Quilters Newsletter Magazine, July-August, 1987. The design is by Joan Basore. I've been keeping copies of the magazines for over about 20 years and I'm trying to give away all the ones that aren't especially precious but before I donate them, I go through quickly and see if there is some quilt patterns that really intrigues me. This was one such -- although I'm doing a dark background with a red ribbon design across it. I turned it into a paper pieced ddesign -- relatively simple to make a diagram and so much easier to sew than cutting out all the pieces just so. I don't think I'll even do a complex design of many pieces again without it being paper pieced.

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