Monday, October 08, 2007

Last Beach Weekend

l like the beach very much, but having grown up in the Midwest, I didn't see an ocean until I was 21. So it's not something in my deep memory bank. Usually i visit Rachel once a summer and enjoy the beaches on Cape Cod. In June after Cory's graduation, we managed a lovely stroll. I did not get back to the Cape all summer -- until last weekend. October is an iffy time; but it was perfect. We had a long walk at the edge of the slighly chilly water --- a few hearty souls were swimming and a great many were sitting on the beach sunning.

On the way up the coast only a few trees were partly touched with red. None were in full color although the papers say it was peak lave peeping week in Vermont and New Hampshire -- 50 to 100 miles further north can make a great difference. I'm happy to trade leaves for the beach. Plus there was a soccer game with Noah showing how very fast he can run! And his team got three goals to the other team's none. It was a wonderful afternoon sitting on a field surrounded by woods.

An autumnal reminder tried to keep me awake. The window three or four feet from my head as I slept was above the wooden patio. Over the patio is a large oak tree full of acorns which, every time a breeze blew, dropped on the wooden flooring with the sound of hail or small weapons firing. Actually, not a bad thing to keep one awake -- seasonal phoemena are to be celebrated, not complained about.

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