Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Just a couple photos

Yesterday blogger only let me upload these pictures but it didn't let me write anything. [Who knows?? The Gremlin knows.] Anyway, I recently took a role of film photos for a Swap-bot exchange and I was pleased to get these pictures. The first one is, probably most people can tell, some seaweed floating over the pebbles in shallow, clear water. It's a kind of image that can inspire an art quilt .. and maybe it will. I've been pondering how to get the wateriness, the transparency using netting or something very sheer... I'll keep pondering and something may come to mind.
The second picture, which could have been a little sharper just pleases me. It's a few of the little brown birds that are crumb moochers in the park. I guess they're sparrows, but I am so ignorant of LBBs I don't really know. Sunday was incredibly beautiful so I had a nice long walk in Central Park [where I wanted photos and got them plentifully]. I had a coffee and cookie at the terrace along side the toy sailboat basin. As soon as I sat down half a dozen LBBs flutter around my feet. They're fat little things, definitely not going hungry. But they're cute and of course I broke off a few crumbs. More LBBs appeared, of course. Some sat on the low cast iron railing that was right in front of me -- these are three of them.

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