Monday, October 22, 2007

Charity Quilts

It sounds like a cliche to say that the pleasure is in the making rather than having when finished. But I truly feel that way about most of my quilts. I have no ego invested, just the joy of using fabrics in a variety of colors and making designs Once they are done I sometimes forget them almost entirely. So giving quilts away is a pleasure too. These two quilts, from the Carol Doak "Star Quartet" series have a certain amount of purple and so I thought they were appropriate for the prostate cancer charity request made by an Empire Quilter's Guild member who poitned out that "purple is their color." [This branding of all causes is a tad silly, it's monkye see, monkey do.] But I am about to leave a email for the woman who is collectiing contributions who happens to leave only a few blocks away, and we'll arrange for her to get these two quilts. Also this third one.

The woman who requested donations for prostate cancer patients said her grandmother had died of the disease. It is one of the nastier cancers. It is not often curable but, of course, patients are often put through miserable courses of chemotherapy all for a few more weeks of life. So if a few bright colored quilts will give a little warmth and a little cheer -- good. I am happy to see the quilts going to such a cause.

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