Friday, October 12, 2007

Nobel Prize to Al Gore, Doris Lessing

The first thing I heard this morning was that Al Gore was awarded the Noble Peace Prize. I feel almost a personal vindication since I was outraged when the Presidency was stolen from him and I've hated this administration and it's horrible, horrible war. How wonderful that Gore pulled up his socks and set about doing something of great importance -- telling the world about the emergency of global warming which so many ostriches in the current administration want to pretend isn't happening because they've got their heads -- shall we be polite and say the cliche instead of the vulgarity? -- in the sand. How wonderful to see that we have a man who has intelligency and vision and dedication to humanity! It seems the American political system cannot handle a man of principle but men of principle carry on -- Jimmy Carter was the first shining example of a political reject who proved to be a compasionate and even fearless leader after he lost an election. So worldwide recognition of this positive sort is a wonderful thing and makes me very happy.

An hour or two later I read that Doris Lessing, at 85+ is no longer impressed with awards. She says she has a full house or royal flush and that's nice ... sounds a bit liike a nice cuppa, ho-hummm. But feminists the world over have to be glad that she has been recognized even if it did take the committee a long, long time to get around to it. So a second cheer today!

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