Saturday, October 20, 2007

Nice clerks at the P.O.

I have done my share of whining and bitching about the working and workers of the US Post Office. So it's time to say something about the two fine ladies who spend five or ten minutes this morning helping me save about $4.00 in postage. There were very few customers first thing in the morning. I had a Priority Mail package to mail to daughter Leslie in California. "If it were in the flat fee box it would be about $4.00 less," the clerk told me. "Oh, I didn't know the boxes were different." I said. "Yes, it has to say flat fee." She produced the proper box of what seemed to be the same size. I was about to move away to the desk to unpack and change boxes when she said "Maybe you can slip it inside." But, no. Neither of us could quite make it fit. Then another clerk appeared, "sure you can" she said and did shove my box inside the flat fee box! Nice. But then I said, "Oh-oh, the address" ... so we had to take it out, which took both of us -- her holding and me tugging. I got the address copied on the new box and shoved the old one back but by then the new box was getting a bit torn at seams so the second clerk began a major taping operation with the priority tape. I have noticed that the P.O. clerks LOVE that tape!

Done? Now quite. The first clerk noticed that somehow I had written my return zip code on the same horitzonal as Leslie's zip code and she thought the automatic zip code reading machine might chose the wrong zip code. So she gave me a label to fill out and paste one. All this effort to save a customer [moi] approximately $4.00 ... I left feeling very kindly toward those two kind and helpful women. I hope their colleagues along the process are equally caring and competent.

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Anonymous said...

Thats really sweet of them - they coud have just been like check it and mail it but they took the time to help.

My Mum's friend Kathy runs a sub post office (like a little one in a shop) and I love going in there because we have a good chin wag but its always seems to be busy when she's on the desk - maybe all her friends go in for a chat then lol.