Saturday, October 13, 2007

Spreading the word

Quite a few of my generation eschew the internet. Frankly I don't blame them, I've been a slow adopter. But it's changed some things very much for the better, even among my contemporaries. Since the last gathering of my high school class -- 50 years [oh god!] last summer, Lin has taken over as communication command controler. She sends out monthly email updates about class members about whom she has information. Three of the guys are fighting diseases, two successfully, relatively it seems, and one with waning energy. Other people are moving into new homes, and various smaller ailments are reported. This is amazing since many of us had very, very little contact over that long, long period of time. Busy living our various lives in various ways, some that were unexpected -- at least to me. [My own having surprised me as much as anyone else's surprised me.] But here we are now, holding our own and through the wonder of the internet, in more contact than over all that long stretch of time.
By the way, the picture at the top was the school we went to [we were only 56 graduates] And the lady is Lin, now of California but still a major force as she was back in high school. We met at age six, I clearly remember that first grade room!

I thought I'd return to writing of quilting today, this being an Empire Guild meeting day, but I took no pictures. I did talk with a woman who had an amazing quilted; patchwork jacket that makes mine look barely embellished. Mine wasn't quite finished enough to wear -- although the weather was perfect for wearing such a jacket. After seeing that other I am inspired to add quite a few beads, a few tonight and maybe some more tomorrow and each day until I feel satisfied. I'm feeling a big bogged until the men appear to paint my bedroom on Monday. That means tomorrow everything breakable must be moved, and everything on the walls [there's A LOT on the wall] must be removed, rugs taken up so furniture can be moved away into the middle of the room ... oh, bother! But it needs painting desperately so I'm biting the bullet and doing the necessway prep work. Then I can settle into life as usual, I hope, hope, hope! And get on with quite a few writing, sewing, reading projects I have in mind.

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