Thursday, August 23, 2012

World Quilt Show, more smiles

 This was one of the cleanly graphic quilts I liked very much.  It's called "Summertimes" by  Berkeley, California artist, Nancy Bardach.

I'm very distressed that none of these photos were copied on the blog as they are in my photo file where they were all cropped to get rid of the distracting hanging mechanisms.
The second photo is Barbara McKie's "Dandylions".  Much a I like her sense of humor in the squirrel quilt I printed a couple of days ago, I think the fun in this idea just didn't work out.  I fully understand the impulse that she had -- I might have a similar impulse. But upon seeing it I'd say to myself, Oops, just didn't work.

The last photo which I stepped far back to photograph is very neat when it's cropped.  The entire quilt is tiny squares, I think about 1.5 inches -- a graphic technique that has been much used, sometimes overused but in this case, I think it worked well.  The artist is from Australia, Ingrid Rudolph, and it's named, what else?  "Kangaroo"

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Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

I just love the barn quilt and how she put the shadows of the barns of the right time in the right place. amazing work thanks for sharing it.