Saturday, September 01, 2012

Big quilt done, smal one too

I'm having slow internet problems so no picture -- it takes too long and I'm not patient enough.  I finally finished the scrap strip quilt yesterday after thinking for three weeks, "just another day".  Did I occasionally mention that quilting always takes longer than you think?  Did I also mention how labor intensive quilting is?  Both true in spades. The quilt looks not very different from the picture a couple or three posts ago -- just more of the same.

And did I mention that I love scrap quilts?  Mine are what I call TRUE scrap quilts -- they are made from every kind of scrap that's come my way over a few years. Therefore my quilts aren't all in one color family, aren' t of one tonal family. They are some of this, some of that, prints, plains, stripes, dots, dyes, tone on tone, you name it.  And they are not all from my projects.  In swapping people have sent me strips and sometimes scraps. Some kinds of scraps are irresistible to me at the guild's "free table" so not all the fabrics in my scrap quilts have sentimental value and I don't necessarily know where they came from -- except the ones that I've used in major projects. Those I never forget. There's a motto, When life gives you scraps, make a quilt.  Mostly life does give us scraps. At least if you are interested in many things and not at all single minded about what you are involved with and what kind of people you meet.  It's all a scrap quilt and I love it. Right now the nights are a little too warm for this big quilt which is actually four layers instead of three since the scraps were sewn onto foundation pieces.  But soon I'm going to be sleeping under it and will have washed and put away my pastel summer quilt.

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