Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Same but Different

I made two different examples of this zig-zag block this week.  The top one will be used when I write up directions for making October's BOM for the Bayberry Quilt Guild.  The black and white one, with two different fabrics -- although the lighting makes it look like three -- was for a swap of black and white blocks.  I like the black and white one  and I think I'll make one more.  I haven't received the black and white block from that swap yet but when I do I will have a total of twenty 12.5x12.5 blocks -- not all of them black and white -- and will decide what to use as stripping, possibly a black-on-black fabric, or possibly another color and have a top made.  I may decide not to quit it but give it unquilted to a charity that is willing to receive tops and then do the quilting.   This would make me happy because I really don't enjoy the quilting step in larger quilts. And heaven knows I don't NEED more bed sized quits.

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