Monday, August 06, 2012

Only I Know What I Accomplished

Phew!  I now have hundreds, ye, thousands, of fabric squares in various sizes all neatly arranged in baggies  according to size.  I also have a very fat baggie of Chinese coin pieces -- maybe enough for two quilts.  A big bag of strips, some long, some shorter, and some triangular little pieces for corners, for strip quilts blocks.  Also a big bag of miscellaneous triangles -- it's a mess, I admit, I just couldn't face triangles.  I have a wastebasket almost totally full of the cuttings that are going OUT, tomorrow morning.

What I do not have is bags of miscellaneous scraps of various sizes and shapes.  This is the accomplishment.

Another thing I have is a head full of possibilities -- but then, I will admit, my head is never empty of possibilities.  But one possibility is not sewing but to give way batches of these squares.  I have already set aside two small baggies to be given away, one of vintage 4" squares and one of 20 attractive 6" squares. 

To distract myself yesterday I laid out the 80 strip pieced blocks I have -- actually I discovered I had 81.  I like their bright craziness but I could see immediately that I need to make either 15 or 23 more blocks to make the quilt long enough.  I can do that, of course. I've got the strips in abundance and still plenty of white muslin for foundations.  So that's the immediate job and I hope it will be done, maybe this week.

With that big straightening job complete, I am into a second one, which is the living room.  A new sofa arrive three weeks ago; two days ago the old sofa and two chairs were taken away and the new sofa put where it belongs.  This means much else has to be moved -- the desk already migrated to its new place.  All this neatening and rearranging is not a metaphor, so far as I can see, for bigger and bolder changes in my life.  It's just a part of the usual  progression of mess, clean up and, probably mess again.   That includes a lot of books, too many books.  So WHY, yes, why did I buy six books at the library today?  It was not because they are being decommissioned (or whatever librarians do to their possessions) at three for a dollar.  I actually thought they were a dollar each.  They're books I won't find any place else, they promise to be very good reads.  And I didn't even take time to really look hard at the lower shelves.  The truth is I have never regretted spending money for books, all I regret is that I am a slow reader and will never keep up with my buying.



How very ambitious you are! Your header quilt of fruit is sweet. Books are irresistible when they are for sale at ridiculously low prices.I just ordered two used books on Amazon today that I am anxious to receive. "Visual Anthropology" about photography principals in field-work and "Uncommon Ground" about archaeological materials found on slave sites. How nice that you are now so organized with your quilt materials. Your life sounds abundant with internal joy. -- barbara

June Calender said...

"Internal joy" ... yes. You are quite right. So many things I am able to do now give me joy -- not big shout-out-loud type but internal. I am very lucky. Enjoy your books, Barbara, and I'll enjoy mine.

natalie nessi said...

There is nothing wrong to aim high and accomplish a big quilt project. You'd just be surprised that its done. All you need is just a little bit of determination and a lot of patience.
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Kekoa Pika said...

Enjoy every bit of your life. We don't know when it is going to end. I salute you for the time you treasure and appreciated it. Thanks for sharing this one.
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