Friday, August 03, 2012

Bayberry Guild Quilt Show - part 2

 We'll start with fowl and fish.  At first glance it seems these are just pre-printed fowl.  Not so.  They are pieced with wonderful choices of fabric.  As always the showy roosters are lording it over the ladies at the bottom. The whole quilt is a delight.
 It's the fish that does it!  The yin-yang signs are beautifully done and pieced -- the guild had a speaker who taught this method. I'm too lazy to look up her name.  It's been applied excellently finally, she added the wonderful fish!

An art quilt, beautifully balanced; the crows amusingly cut out.  Love it.  Crows are my alarm, every morning they call to one another.  The number of caws in a row varies.  I'm sure it's a language this poor mono-ligual human being doesn't understand.  Late in the afternoon they sometimes come to the lawn outside and stalk about looking for either hor d'ouvers, or maybe dessert.
 Simplicity itself.  This quilt falls into the "modern" quilting genre, I believe, thanks to the white background.  These are all squares of Australian fabrics, beautifully set off with the shadow effect.  So easy and so dramatic
 The fan wasn't going to move  so I just had to take the picture.  This is a more traditional quilt that I photographed to  tell myself that I want to make one.  I've been cutting squares of scraps all week and I'm not done yet.  I've got plenty of square 3x3 and/or 4x4 that could become part of a quilt like this. That means lots of sewing but I am very powerfully attracted to simple dramatic  traditional-type quilts like this one.  Look at that border -- that's how to use up a LOT of scrap squares in a hurry -- well, not such a hurry, there's a LOT of piecing happening here.
 And this is my spiral quilt hanging in the show. A bit of the upper left border got cut off in the photo.  Now that it's all done, I can say, never again.  Ugh. 

Tomorrow I go back to the show for most of the afternoon. There are several  quilts I want to photograph, one New York Beauty is really a beauty with very subtle color choices.  I spent a lot of time looking at it yesterday when I was doing the "white gloves" thing. And there are many others -- another amazing red and white that has a special place.   You'll see.


Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

That fowl piece is amazing. Didn't believe the fowl was pieced until I made the view of it larger. Outstanding art.

Kekoa Pika said...

I want to see those quilts with subtle colors. Please do upload more. I love looking at your collections.
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