Monday, August 13, 2012

Started but not finished

A whole week of  cutting scraps into squares and strips and now a whole week of sewing 6" strip squares into 12" squares and setting them together with the blue stripping.  And it's not big enough.  So I will start making more six inch squares, 40 of them.  And then see what I think.  It will then be wide enough, but will it be long enough? Maybe not.

One sure lesson about quilting, everything takes longer than you think it will.  This is purely a utility quilt and an opportunity to use up many of my strips.  The quilt is as scrappy as they come.  And I've still got plenty of scraps to make it bigger; so bigger it will be. No complaints except I have several other quilts I'd like to get started on but if I start them and let this lapse, who knows when it will get done?  Better do one thing at a time.  (I'll have to remind myself of that somewhere down the line, I suppose when I stop taking my own good advice.)

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Kekoa Pika said...

In making quilts you should be keen. but I bet it's a fun thing to do...maybe a lil stressful. keep posting please.nice one you got there.
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