Thursday, August 02, 2012

Bayberry Quilt Show, part 1

 Here are half a dozen views of some 60 red and white quilts for the Bayberry challenge.  Since the huge red and white show in NYC by the American Folk Art Museum in spring 2010, other guilds have emphasized red and white quilts.  These designs are ones that drop the jaws of those ladies who made the quilts for the original show.  Theirs were stunning, these are extremely inventive.

I was charmed by this big cat and little bird -- plus flowers and the pieced boarder, and quilted border.
 This pear design was very eye catching.  Names of quilters are being withheld until after the viewer voting is counted.

There was a very good crowd for the show.  I will be curious which of many wonderful red and white quilts wins viewer's choice
This pair of little quilts -- all the quilts in the show were less than 100 inches total perimeter -- really caught my eye because they are the same four squares in each are the same but they have been put together differently so a different central pattern is formed.
A view of just a ten percent of the quilts.  I also liked the sea shell one a lot.  In fact, nearly all sixty charmed me.

I will post some of the 200 "regular" quilts tomorrow and more the day after. This was a first "walk through".  I will return to the quilt show on Saturday and have some free time, when not volunteering, to take more photos

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