Friday, July 01, 2011


This is one of two Works In Progress [WIPs], the other is the blue squares shown a few posts back. Both are at or nearly at the stage for quilting. This is a design by Deborah Konchinsky [I think that's misspelled].

Any time of year that is my least favorite step, and in the summer when it can be hot and humid, definitely not something I want to do for very long at a time. While quilts are almost by definition "warm and cozy", warm and cozy is the opposite of what I want to feel most summer days. So it will be some time before I show this when it's finished, or the other on either. But I have a head full of quilt tops I'm thinking of making. That's my favorite part anyway. I have two completed tops, one wall size, one bed size from last summer that I haven't convinced myself to quilt yet. So it goes.

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