Sunday, July 03, 2011

Roses and Hydrangeas

My eagerness, around about February and March, for spring to come is because I am besotted with the summer flowers on Cape Cod. Starting with the forsythia which come first, and then the other spring flowers and now with summer at it's outset, the glory of roses almost everywhere. I don't believe I could ever grow tired of the changing spectacle of flowers in lawns wherever I drive on Cape Cod.
Now the hydrangeas are in full glory and they last quite some time, as you see there are lots of blue ones but there are also white ones [fairly rare actually] and pink ones and some plantings as you can see below where all the colors mix. Also I see lots of day lilies and tiger lilies, impatiens, petunias, geraniums -- I even have some hanging on my patio, and many other flowers, that I can't always name. To grow flowers must be a mark of the goodness in affluence, even minor affluence as small homes have flowers, perhaps not as showy and abundant but individually just as beautiful.

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