Friday, July 01, 2011

So What's the News?

Here are pictures from the "news" of Hillary Clinton arriving in Madrid in a nice navy suit, a frilly white blouse and a white Scrunchee holding her hair back. This is news? This is something we should be concerned about? What woman hasn't had a bad hair day when all she wanted to do was get it out of the way and look fairly neat? I think she lopked pretty good and really don't give a damn if she pulls her hair back with a Scrunchee or plain old rubber bands.

I am appalled at the things that AOL choose put out as "news" on their home page that I have to go through to get to my email. Yes, I"m glad to learn the weather and glad to hear about various political events, even glad to know that Prince Albert of Monaco has finally taken a very attractive wife. But they plaster so much idiotic junk on that page it leaves me wondering just what lame brain makes the decisions about what is important enough to send out to unp-jillion readers. These are mental junk food, like Cheese Doodles and Cracker Jacks.


Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

I guess people complained about how bad she was looking and she was , in fact I thought she was I'll.
News worthy, I don't think so, maybe on the fashion page or health review.

Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

Not I'll but ill. My iPad puts their own word in sometimes.

sally in st. paul said...

Apparently, I don't follow the news close enough to know about the scrunchy. But- let me say that I like it. I think that pulling her hair back off her face looks good.

Just to be even-handed politically, I have seen ad-nauseum reports on Michelle Backman and Sarah Palin comparing their appearance and clothing-

So I conclude that comments about the appearance of women politicians covers both parties.

DeeDee Meyers was on public radio last week addressing this issue, also.
sally in st. paul

sally in st. paul said...

woops- i should have written bachman, not "backman."
sally in st. paul, again

June Calender said...

To my knowledge, Sally, the media never covers the hair styles of male politicians, and rarely comments on their clothing. Women are still judged by the wrapper [appearance] and not what's inside.