Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A home for the parrots

This quilt with fused parrots is one of my favorites because the colors are bright and I like that I repeated them on the back as well. I made it a couple of years ago and have not used it. Like many it's waiting for the right home to go to. I've found the home for it. And thus I have made a bit more space on a shelf for future quilts.

I'm going to visit a college friend over the weekend, actually someone I've seen only once since graduating from college a looooong, loooong time ago. The couple had careers and no children but they've had a parrot most of that time, a long-lived bird that seems to have aged less than his human housemates, or so I'm told. So I will give them this quilt and will feel it's found a compatible home.

Taking it out reminds me how much I like the particular quilt block and that I have a set of appropriate blocks for another almost all cut out and awaiting a few additions to their baggie of potential works. That will move up a notch in my mental queue of quilts to make.

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