Saturday, April 23, 2011

Red and White bandwagon

The big red and white quilt show in NYC a few weeks ago is still coloring the world of quilters blogs. I needed a quiltie for a swap. I feel victim to red and white virus. So I made this: it's about 8x7, in the "try something new" vein. The little strips of red sewn on the white ground are raw edge, at the ends I've pulled the white bobbin thread up and tied it with the red top thread and left the ends a couple of inches long, thus giving the surface a "hairy" look.

The idea came from one of the posts on the 12x12 blog [in the sidebar, at the bottom] Then I finished by bordering with a red and white stripe and a red and white print on the back. It's really a very simple little quilt. I think the drama of red and white makes it interesting. When I do these tiny quilties I usually feel inspired to make larger versions for myself later on. That may happen with this. Quilties feel like sketching or doodling to me. Since I care about words and their uses, I think the rather childish diminution of the "ie" ending is appropriate and yet distasteful. I'd call them "quilt sketches".

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