Thursday, April 07, 2011

New Toys for next new technique

At the Empire Guild's show, I browsed the venders -- of course! -- and restrained myself although the African and Indonesian fabrics were siren songs I could barely resist. What I did purchase was crayons -- three kinds. I keep seeing wonderful things people do with crayons and paint on their art quilts. I don't know quite what I want to start with but I want to work my way into a portrait of some sort, but I will probably start more simply.

The beautiful blue fabric the boxes are laying is from a part of a bolt of decorator fabric I was recently given by a person who doesn't understand quilting fabric but does understand heavenly blue. Such a beautiful color! I'll eventually find something I want to use it for.


Anonymous said...

It's time for you to dig out your dog poem and polish it up:

I believe in you!

June Calender said...

Superhero -- it's time for me to stop thinking about what to do with it and write it. Thanks for reminding me. Soon, I hope.