Monday, April 25, 2011

First Birthday Party

This first birthday quilt was a joint effort. It may be a wee bit premature but when I went to a quilt show last summer with my daughter, the birthday boy's grandmother, we saw a version of this quilt at Debra Kaminsky's vendor booth and Rachel said we must make it for Finn [four months old at the time]. A few months ago Rachel and Cory arrived to go through my stash and pick out all the fabrics for the quilt -- color choice was largely Cory's input. Then Rachel went home with the patterns for the letters and the animals which she fancy cut and prepared for fusing. She brought them here and together we chose which background blocks for which letter. I fused them and sewed the blocks. Rachel arranged the animals on the border -- they are not in alphabetic order -- and I did all the finished except giving it over to Rachel again for hand finishing the binding. Viola! Done for the first birthday party Saturday.
We are, of course, convinced the kid will be a genius of some sort but I did notice that the cupcakes -- in frog guise -- interested him far more than the quilt. Cory and Rachel made these -- it's a family pun, the last name is Todoroff. Unlike other toads [and frogs] collected by the family, these disappeared by the end of the party.



June -- What a lucky boy your great-grandson is to have quilt makers in the family. I just love that fabulous child's quilt (and the toad cupcakes too) -- barbara

Skybridge Studios said...

Hi June, I found you through superhero and invite you to send to my textile mail art project at:
Your work is fabulous!

Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

What an adorable quilt you and your daughter made. I just love the toad cupcakes, very appropriate.

Nellie's Needles said...

Boy, where to start on this fabulous quilt? The fabric choices and their combinations are interesting, unusual, and most appealing. The orderly, but playful arrangement of the elements is wonderful. The love that went into its creation is priceless. Oh, and the frog cupcakes are a hoot. What fun!