Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Question about Orange

I noticed a lot of orange at the MQX show of which this is a fairly delicate example. Sometimes the orange is called "cheddar" which is appropriate enough. In one little area two very orange quilts were hung side by side. The one below that looks like many panels has a lot of orange, you'll note. I happen to like orange but I've never made a quilt that was predominantly orange. I'm not sure I want to either, it would clash with just about everything -- unless I decided to change out the red in my abode to blue.

My impression is that most people don't really like orange as a predominent color -- or is sensibility changing as, for instance, is the sensibility of Japanese quilters who are currently making lots and lots of taupe quilts? I hope a few people will respond with their feelings about orange. Am I trend spotter? What fun that would be.

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