Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Just plugging away

This selvage tote bag was being carried by someone at the Empire Guild show. I had a case of Sudden Envy and thought I'll make one. I will. But not just now.

From the stasis in posts here it seems I'm not quilting much -- in fact, I'm just plugging away at WIPs [works in progress] and that not as much as usual because the last three weeks or so have been unusually busy. I will be going to a big Machine Quilting show in Providence, R.I. in a couple of days with a busload of other Bayberry Quilters and will probably come back with more photos for my own inspiration that I'll share here on this blog.

Meanwhile I've spent a lot of what spare time I've had writing stuff. A little [very little] sample of it is online for the week. If you look to the sidebar on the right you will see Time Goes By, a blog I read by Ronni Bennett, and on her left hand sidebar is a box to click for the Elder Storytelling Place -- do click and you'll find a short story of mine. I am plugging away just now on a novel with a couple of elderly characters but this short story is one of the few I've written with an older woman as a main character.


Anonymous said...

Got your card today; i was ├╝ber excited (my wife had to read it, i'm not so good at handwriting decryption) it's awesome that you worked on the poem! You sent it in for the animal shelter too, right?

I'll be sending you out one of the POSTmodern pages in a couple of weeks, so keep your eyes peeled!

And when you say "plugging away," you make me want a typewriter! Perhaps i'll save up for one..?

June Calender said...

Superhero -- my handwriting ALWAYS needs decryption, I don't handwrite often, only when what I'm writing on won't work with my printer.