Sunday, October 18, 2009

To-do list

It's a rainy, rainy day. A good time for quilting and I have a bunch of finishing up to do:
Four more paper pieced blocks for the quilt I most want to get out of the way

Three quilts to quilt, one slightly started, one sandwiched, one to be sandwiched

A "magic one patch", fabric chosen, calling to be to be begun because I so enjoy the surprise of the "stack and whack" method

A string quilt that will be reversible with 5x5 squares on one side, random squares on the other -- fabric stripping and border fabrics chosen. Sitting like a kit ready to be sewn. But when?

A shirting stripe quilt, many squares of random size sewn, more needed, a second take on this design which I very much enjoyed making in February and have given away. The picture above is it, the new one will look different of course because the stripes will be from different fabrics. This one, too, will be liberally embellished with shirting buttons in various colors ... in the fullness of time, of course.

BUT first I have a pair of drapes for the living room window that need to be shortened before they are hung. Will do this very soon. [when I get done playing on the computer]

AND when that is done, before any quilting happens, a couple pair of pants, one to shorten, one to take in the waist a little bit -- quick little jobs.

THEN I can tackle some of this list.

BUT it's Sunday and I have the NYTimes to read and its crossword puzzle to enjoy. Ah, life is full!

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Ky said...

Ha-Ha June, your to-do list looks like mine! I love that quilt, it is beautiful!!