Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Autumn color

The glory days of autumn are few and rarely consecutive [it's raining as I type] and they are numbered -- as are the days of life for the turkeys in the photo above. They, all unknowing, are making the most of their day, and unaware, fattening themselves for Thanksgiving -- their giving, someone else's thanks. But enough of those somber thoughts.

Because the beautiful days are treasures, I take walks as much as possible. The Cape is not the colorful wonder of "mainland" New England and upstate New York but driving around, everywhere people have those grand red bushes in their yards and the bigger trees are turning. Lawns now display chrysanthemums in many colors. I have in the past disparaged the house-proud, lawn-proud ethos of this affluent area but it's a bit of sour grapes. I enjoy others' hard work and expensive plantings for the beauty and grace that makes this a truly lovely place to live. Walks and drives always are a visual joy.

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