Sunday, October 25, 2009

Birds? Not today.

At the Audobon Sanctuary the other day I heard about birds but mainly I saw trees and animals. No photos of trees this time but here are some familiar animals that are employed by the ecology-minded director. The sheep above, black and white, and their friends the goats, below, are happy to work as lawn mowers. They belong to local farmers who are happy to let them have a lush summer camp in which to graze.

The pigs below are happy and eager clearers of tangled brushy growth of mostly invasive weeds, some of which are attractive and generally loved, like honeysuckle and bittersweet. These extremely clean looking fellows were happily rooting and oinking and trotting back and forth looking very complacent -- a false sense of well being, as explained by Ian, the director. Their days are numbered, the farmer owners will come and collect them in the next few weeks and cart them off to the slaughter house. But before they go they will enjoy several days of treats -- donuts by the dozens which is said to contribute to beautiful, sweet fat larding their soon to be bacon and loins. Poor critters -- they seems to happy where they were.

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Kasscho said...

I just discovered you had another blog! Wow! I LOVE your quilts. The colors are AMAZING! I also love the hands of Georgia O'Keefe. I scrolled through most of your blog, reading here and there. What brought you to Mass. from NYC?