Wednesday, October 07, 2009

More strip blocks

The swapp quilt blocks arrived today so now I have a goodly number and could make the quilt, if only I knew what I want the back to look like. I don't think I've had enough cogitation time yet. And I feel a bit guilty [quilty-guilty?] even thinking of starting something else when I have so much ongoing. I don't pile up UFOs blithely. I think I'll let it set and simmer for a while.

I've also got a bunch of other things going on in my head -- some writing projects, and the ongoing cataract operations -- the left last week, the right eye next week and drops three times a day, plus I'm not supposed to sleep on the left side and then after next week it'll be the right side. I have enough middle-of-the-night-mindfulness that I believe I adhere to the rule but the sleep is a bit less deep because of it. But that is a small price to pay for a clarity of sight that I haven't enjoyed since I was too young to know it was something to enjoy. At least I've learned a little wisdom.

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