Thursday, July 09, 2009

Sky Too Beautiful to Paint

I am looking out the window at a sky that is mauve and soft blue -- the colors are the sort one doesn't trust in water colors and absolutely cannot accept in oils. They are too beautiful to be true. But there they are framed by my windows and fading as I write. There are low diagonal stripes of what is now becoming lilac instead of mauve against what is now becoming gray-blue. All above the green-black rounded tops of trees that define the horizon.

I know those day lilies in the photo have nothing to do with this sky. But they were in Wellfleet the other day and they were beautiful with their maroon hearts which I don't think I had seen before. They are another beautiful thing. All year round beautiful things abound to notice but in summer the abundance seems greater because of all the flowers. As I write the color is fading from the sky. I wrote in my other blog Big 7-0 And More [go to the profile link in sidebar and to bottom of that page to access it quickly] about my Buddha Board on which one draws with water and then watches the image fade. That is not very different from what I've just seen in the sky beyond my window -- everything changes. A fact of life the ancient Chinese knew when they composed the I Ching, the Book of Changes. It is my favorite wisdom book. Understanding it one can feel in harmony with natural forces, one gains an equanimity, even with weird weather patterns such as we've had this summer.

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